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New ARO General Manager commences

Mon Dec. 13th 2021

​Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO) has had a new General Manager start this month. Aimee Bourke joins ARO after 17 years at Southern Cross.

ARO is open during Covid-19

Thu Aug. 26th 2021

As an essential medical service, ARO is open. ARO’s aim is to ensure patients receive radiation therapy treatment within a safe environment.

Covid-19 Update

Thu March 26th 2020

As an essential medical service, ARO would like to reassure patients and their support networks that ARO is open.

Prostate Cancer Precise Detection and Staging Insight by Dr Benji Benjamin

Tue Oct. 10th 2017

PSMA is an enzyme found in abundance on the cell surface of prostate cancer cells. Until recently patients newly diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer or patients where the prostate cancer has returned or metastasised would generally undergo a range of scans such as CT, bone and MRI to detect and stage prostate cancer.